• Kapil Ahuja

    AIR 499
    KVPY Fellow
  • Kalpesh Krishna

    AIR 93
  • mahen.kinnur

    Mahen Kinnur

    AIR 1446, KVPY Fellow
  • Sujay Vijay Jadhav

    AIR 4361, KVPY Fellow
  • D N Shrihari

    AIR 13958
  • Kapil Ahuja

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 499
    JEE (Mains) AIR 75
    KVPY Fellow AIR 194
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- DELHI)
  • Eshan Sharma

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 27
  • Shubham Hangarge

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 58
  • Sneha Padgalwar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 176
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Ashish Bhatambre

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 189
    Computer Science (IIT-Chennai)
  • Ashlesha Patil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 377
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Tejeshwar Thorawade

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 437
    JEE (Mains) AIR 2572
    KVPY Fellow AIR 379
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Rakshit Darpan

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 438
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- Chennai)
  • Shubham Katiyar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 468
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4675
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- Kanpur)
  • Pushkraj Dhake

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 474
    JEE (Mains) AIR 202
    KVPY Fellow AIR 101
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Robin Sawardekar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 544
    Chemical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Karan Mantri

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 555
    JEE (Mains) AIR 579
    KVPY Fellow AIR - 67
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Satpute Shubham

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 570
    Electrical Engg (IT-BHU)
  • Aditya Kamble

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 646
  • Somesh Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 687
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4596
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Shrihari Bhat

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 696
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Deepak Shinde

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 723
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Saurabh Jain

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 737
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Tanmay Lad

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 816
  • Jainam Shah

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 858
    Computer Science (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Vivek Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1238
    JEE (Mains) AIR 657
    Engg Physics (IIT Madras)
  • mahen.kinnur

    Mahen Kinnur

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1446
    JEE (Mains) AIR 1050
    KVPY Fellow AIR 407
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
  • Amit Bangar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1454
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Hrishikesh Vadiya

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1511
    (IIT - Hyderabad)
  • Divyanshu Gupta

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1535
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Roshan Tathed

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1614
    JEE (Mains) AIR 951
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
  • Joshi Nikhil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1631
    JEE (Mains) AIR 6617
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Ajay Tribhauvan

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1709
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Akanksh Khochikar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1843
    Design Engg. (IIIT-Kanchipuram)
  • Shruti Bhatambre

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1894
    Computer Science - (IIT Hyderabad)
  • Sujit Nikam

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2047
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4551
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
    KVPY Selected
  • Priyadarshan Patil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2120
  • Rohit Murthy

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2114
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Shyam Sridhar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2382
    Mechanical Engg (IT-BHU)
  • Shisode Ajinkya

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2399
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Palash Gaikwad

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2453
  • Vipul Kala

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 3552
    Production (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Prasanna Dange

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2225
    JEE (Mains) AIR 2225
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Joshi Rohit

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 3782
    JEE (Mains) AIR 1682
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Jadhav Sujay

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4361
    Engg Physics (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Shreyas Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4441
    Engg Physics (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Isha Agarwal

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4856
    B. Design (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Mayur Agrawal

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 5570
    Civil Engg (IIT-Hyderabad)
  • Waghmode Avdhoot

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 907
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Guwahati)
    KVPY Fellow AIR 428
  • Kulkarni Vivek

    KVPY Fellow 2014
    AIR 208
  • Swapnil Srivastava

    KVPY Fellow 2014
    AIR 1158
  • Sourabh Rajguru

    KVPY Fellow 2014
    AIR 380
  • Shreyashree Satyen

    NSTSE Pune Rank 1
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaigyanik Competition
  • Shivam Utreja

    KVPY Fellow 2014
    AIR 322
    NTSE Scholar 2013
  • Vishakha Korde

    Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaigyanik Competition SILVER Medal
  • Prasad Jain

    BITS Hyderabad - Civil
  • Rohit Shekhar

    BITS Goa
  • Swaraj Patil

    BITS Hyderabad - Civil
  • Abhishek Oswal

    Joined CMI Chennai
  • Shubham Pandia

    NTSE Scholar 2014
    KVPY Stage I Qualifier
  • Shishir Ghongate

    NTSE Scholar 2014
  • Dhruv Ilesh Shah

    Qualified INCHO 2014-15
    Selected for Camp
  • Dhanvi Sreenivasan

    Qualified for INCHO 2014
  • Tanmay Thareja

    Qualified for INCHO 2014

    AIR 4488
    IIT Patna Mechanical
  • Shruti Shukla

    2nd Rank
  • Kapil Ahuja

    Qualified SCRA 2014 Written Exam
  • Shristi Dhamija

    BITS Pilani
  • Pranjali Khandare

    NTSE 2013 Scholar
  • Sanket Warale

    NTSE 2013 Scholar
  • Shreyashree Satyen

    Qualified for NTSE Stage - II 2015
  • Vishakha Korde

    Qualified for NTSE Stage - II 2015
  • Shubhamkar Ayare

    Qualified for NTSE Stage - II 2015
  • Aniket Anil Kamthe

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 242
  • Dhanvi Sreenivasan

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 366
  • Tanmay Thareja

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 574
  • Vishwajeet Nawadkar

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 742
  • Chandan Patil

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 747
  • Nitin Kumar Tiwari

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 1365
  • Sudhendu Ahir

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 1415
  • Samruddhi Pataskar

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 282
  • Abhinav Harish

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 420
  • Vedanshu Nemade

    Bronze Medal in
    Dr.Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik
  • Shreyas Karande

    KVPY Fellow
    AIR - 51
  • Vishakha Korde

    97.33% - ICSE 2015
    Wisdom World School - Topper
  • Samruddhi Mane

    97.20% - ICSE 2015
    Magarpatta City School - Topper
  • Shyamsunder Gowd

    96.00% - ICSE 2015
    Hume Mchenry High School - Topper
  • Kapil Ahuja

    97.00 % - XII CBSE 2014
    City International School - Topper
  • Priyanka Bendre

    88.31 % - HSC 2014
    Jr. College AIJCSAC - Topper
  • Dhruv Shah

    96.80 % - XII CBSE 2015
    City International School - Topper
  • Rohit Vinayak Joshi

    93.85 % - HSC 2014
    Jr. College AUBHS & JC - Topper
  • Pooja Guhan

    93.80 % - XII CBSE 2015
    BVP Balevadi School - Topper
  • Vaishnavi Gupta

    91.80 % - XII HSC 2015
    AIJCG - Topper
  • Aniket Anil Kamthe

    94.70 % - XII HSC 2015
    AUBHS & JC - Topper
  • Suraj Patil

    Joined Chennai Mathematical Institute
    For B.Sc Hons - 2015
  • Shubhamkar Ayare

    94.20 % - X SSC 2015
    Rosary School - Topper
  • Ansh Gupta

    94.40 % - X SSC 2015
    S.Dastur Nosherwan High School - Topper
  • Gaurav Abhay Tonape

    AIR - 3034
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Nikhil Khedekar

    AIR - 2721
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Sourabh Bohare

    AIR - 2123
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Karthikey Nath

    AIR - 2000
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Sudhendu P. Ahir

    AIR - 1915
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Shraddha Kale

    AIR - 1653
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Sanjana Srinivas

    AIR - 1424
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Chandan Mahendra Patil

    AIR - 1436
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Aniket Anil Kamthe

    AIR - 1294
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Akshay Shivaji Molawade

    AIR - 957
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Sajal Narang

    AIR - 856
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Tanmay Thereja

    AIR - 803
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Dhanvi S Sreenivasan

    AIR -782
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Pranjali Khandare

    AIR - 686
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Shivam Utreja

    AIR - 535
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Shubhansu Katiyar

    AIR - 188
    JEE Advanced 2015
  • Dhruv Ilesh Shah

    AIR - 111
    JEE Advanced 2015




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  • In FIITJEE, one is kept focused on one’s goal and simultaneously groomed to get holistic development, enhancing personality & confidence. Thanks to FIITJEE faculty which strived hard to give me new wings to pursue my d...

    Sujay Vijay Jadhav

  • According to my opinion FIITJEE is the best institute in Pune for preparation of JEE. The faculty here is simply awesome & helpful. It has a study friendly environment and very good infrastructure. I will recommend the a...

    Tejeshwar Thorawade

  • The teachers at FIITJEE Pune are among the best. They teach every concept in such details that there is no scope for doubt .Also the Pinnacle Program saved a lot of time & I got time for self-study. I recommend every eng...

    Kapil Ahuja

  • The in depth solution, beautifully designed questions and the true “exam feeling” given by the test conducted by FIITJEE have proved to be an imp. Pillar in my success. I am grateful to FIITJEE. Getting a rank of 34 ...

    Kalpesh Krishna

  • At FIITJEE Pune Centre, faculties are very encouraging and always come up with helping hands. They teach us how to use various ideas to crack every problem. We even had personality developments (PD) sessions at FIITJEE P...

    Mahen Kinnur

  • It is a wonderful experience in FIITJEE Pune. The faculty is very good. The wonderful thing I admire is that the FIITJEE faculty & staff feel the students are as if their own children. Thanks a lot to FIITJEE that they h...

    Mother of D N Srihari

  • I have had a wonderful journey in the two years in FIITJEE Pune. All my teachers are not only good at teaching, but have such great personalities. They have an ability that not many possess. They are able to mesmerize u...

    Shrutakirti Deshpande

  • FIITJEE is an Amazing platform for students like us trying to achieve the best in the field of engineering. I believe that I made a great decision by joining FIITJEE Pune Center....

    Tripti Chanda

  • FIITJEE is an Amazing platform for students like us trying to achieve the best in the field of engineering. I believe that I made a great decision by joining FIITJEE Pune Center....


  • FIITJEE is the ultimate destination for compete preparation of IITJEE as well as all other competitive exam. It provides the best faculty & guide us throughout our 2 years of preparation. Their teaching method is the bea...

    Avinash Singh

  • The faculty at FIITJEE Pune is top-notch and makes strained efforts in making council clear. The face that a single faculty guides a class for 2 years proves the student teacher relationship regular faculty reviews(feedb...

    Dhruv Ilesh Shah

  • FIITJEE Pune Centre has been really good as they have groomed me to utilise my brains to the maximum level. Our highly qualified and competence staff always help is in achieving our goals. We have doubt sessions in the e...

    Aakash Hulgol

  • FIITJEE is one of the top institutes for coaching for IITJEE in Pune. The environment created in the centre is one that makes the student want to study and the teachers constantly motivate the students towards their fina...

    Nikhil Khedekar

  • I am lucky enough to have such qualified and excellent faculties teaching me over the course of a year and a half, the atmosphere of competitiveness, highly refined study material and the constant effort of the faculties...

    Adwait Avadhane

  • Experience here has been quite good The faculty is well – trained and experienced Their teaching methods are brilliant and have helped me prepare for both, Boards and JEE. I have come to realise that FIITJEE is the rig...

    Sajal Narang

  • FIITJEE has helped me immensely in honing my stills on all fronts life logic, problem solving & development of temperament so necessary to take on the competitive exams of the highest order. My successes at NTSE in X st...

    Shivam Utreja

  • I’ve been a student of FIITEE since 8th std. and I am proud to say I’ll remain a FIITJEEian at heart till my last breadth. The mind-set of the FIITJEE faculty is simply mind-blowing. The teachers train us to excel in...

    Mosom Jana

  • I have gained a lot from here within such a small span of time. FIITJEE Faculty gives emphasis on concept development which is essential to solve the problems and make a student self-development. FIITJEE is truly the pre...

    Shaswat Yashwardhan

  • FIITJEE Pune is a really very good coaching Institute and has proved as a boom for me. The TEACHING METHOD of all the teachers is really much efficient. With the preparation of IITJEE, the board exam’s portion is also ...

    Abhishek Mhatre

  • The teaching pattern at FIITJEE is very “student friendly”. Here a teacher teaches us a topic, clears all our doubts and then only proceeds to the next topic. FIITJEE also has make a special class for children who ha...

    Anish Hemanshu Patel

  • FIITJEE has been helping me improve my problem solving ability and the teachers always encourage students to do their best and their teaching is very advanced & flawless. Every topic is taught with a method that makes th...

    Amit Jaykar

  • The teaching at FIITJEE Pune centre is the best I have ever seen. The teachers have kept me motivated during the worst phase of my preparation. FIITJEE is a great learning experience, where you get to learn new every day...

    Shubhanshu Katiyar

  • FIITJEE पुणे केंद्र IITJEE ची तयारी सर्वोत्तम तांत्रिक सुविधा देते. एक ग्रामीण भागातील Saurab जै...

    Father of Saurabh Jain (Pinnacle Student)

  • FIITJEE पुणे येथे, तज्ञ केवळ भौतिकशास्त्र, रसायनशास्त्र व गणित शिकवले नाही, पण व्यक्तिमत...

    Gayatri Rajmane

  • FIITJEE is known for taking excellent tests, especially AITS. I think FIITJEE provides an IIT aspirants all that he needs to carck JEE....

    Karan Sanjay Mantri

  • After joining FIITJEE, I observed that Ashlesha gained a lot of confidence. I think it was quite impossible without FIITJEE to get such a good rank....

    Mother of Ashlesha Patil (Intensive Contact Program)