Correct Your Posture

During the pandemic all our activities have shifted online – school, coaching and even entertainment. Since most of our time is spent in front of screens, it is important to maintain the right posture. Following are some examples of bad postures : I am sure, […]

Maintaining an Error Log

During your journey of IIT-JEE preparation, you will come across hundreds of questions, tests, and assignments. While solving them, it is natural that you will make mistakes. The famous Henry Ford once said – Even as children, when me made silly mistakes, we sometimes ended […]

Cost of studying in IIT

The IITs are one the most prestigious institutes in our country for engineering education. But, have you ever wondered how much it costs to study in the IITs? For reference, let’s have a look at the latest per semester fee for B.Tech Programme at IIT […]

The Feynman Principle

Today let’s talk about Richard Feynman. He is known not just for his findings in theoretical physics but also his great wits and sense of humor. He was also known for the Feynman Principle, a simple technique to check if you have clearly understood something […]

Body-Clock Setting

Our bodies consist of Circadian Rhythms a.k.a internal clocks. They are responsible for important bodily processes and control when you feel hungry, thirsty, or sleepy. This is how our body-clock usually functions – These internal clocks are controlled by our genes. Our bodies have two […]