• Tejeshwar Thorawade

    AIR 437, KVPY Fellow
  • Kapil Ahuja

    AIR 499, KVPY Fellow
  • Kalpesh Krishna

    AIR 93
  • Mahen Kinnur

    AIR 1446, KVPY Fellow
  • Sujay Vijay Jadhav

    AIR 4361, KVPY Fellow
  • D N Shrihari

    AIR 13958
  • Kapil Ahuja

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 499
    JEE (Mains) AIR 75
    KVPY Fellow AIR 194
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- DELHI)
  • Eshan Sharma

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 27
  • Shubham Hangarge

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 58
  • Sneha Padgalwar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 176
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Ashish Bhatambre

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 189
    Computer Science (IIT-Chennai)
  • Ashlesha Patil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 377
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Tejeshwar Thorawade

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 437
    JEE (Mains) AIR 2572
    KVPY Fellow AIR 379
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Rakshit Darpan

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 438
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- Chennai)
  • Shubham Katiyar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 468
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4675
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT- Kanpur)
  • Pushkraj Dhake

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 474
    JEE (Mains) AIR 202
    KVPY Fellow AIR 101
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Robin Sawardekar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 544
    Chemical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Karan Mantri

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 555
    JEE (Mains) AIR 579
    KVPY Fellow AIR - 67
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Satpute Shubham

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 570
    Electrical Engg (IT-BHU)
  • Aditya Kamble

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 646
  • Somesh Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 687
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4596
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Shrihari Bhat

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 696
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Deepak Shinde

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 723
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Saurabh Jain

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 737
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Tanmay Lad

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 816
  • Jainam Shah

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 858
    Computer Science (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Vivek Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1238
    JEE (Mains) AIR 657
    Engg Physics (IIT Chennai)
  • Mahen Kinnur

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1446
    JEE (Mains) AIR 1050
    KVPY Fellow AIR 407
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
  • Amit Bangar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1454
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Hrishikesh Vadiya

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1511
    (IIT - Hyderabad)
  • Divyanshu Gupta

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1535
    Electrical Engg (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Roshan Tathed

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1614
    JEE (Mains) AIR 951
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
  • Joshi Nikhil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1631
    JEE (Mains) AIR 6617
    Mechanical Engg. (IIT-Kharagpur)
  • Ajay Tribhauvan

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1709
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Akanksh Khochikar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1843
    Design Engg. (IIT-Kanchipuram)
  • Shruti Bhatambre

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 1894 IIT Hyderabad - Computer Science
  • Sujit Nikam

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2047
    JEE (Mains) AIR 4551
    Civil Engg. (IIT-Powai)
    KVPY Selected
  • Priyadarshan Patil

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2120
  • Rohit Murthy

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2114
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Shyam Sridhar

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2382
    Mechanical Engg (IT-BHU)
  • Shisode Ajinkya

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2399
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Powai)
  • Palash Gaikwad

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2453
  • Vipul Kala

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 3552
    Production (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Prasanna Dange

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 2225
    JEE (Mains) AIR 2225
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Joshi Rohit

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 3782
    JEE (Mains) AIR 1682
    Computer Science (IIT-Roorkee)
  • Jadhav Sujay

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4361
    Engg Physics (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Shreyas Kulkarni

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4441
    Engg Physics (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Isha Agarwal

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 4856
    B. Design (IIT-Guwahati)
  • Mayur Agrawal

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 5570
    Civil Engg (IIT-Hyderabad)
  • Waghmode Avdhoot

    JEE (Adv) AIR - 907
    Mechanical Engg (IIT-Guwahati)
    KVPY Fellow AIR 428
  • Kulkarni Vivek

    KVPY Fellow 2014 AIR 208
  • Swapnil Srivastava

    KVPY Fellow 2014 AIR 1158
  • Sourabh Rajguru

    KVPY Fellow 2014 AIR 380
  • Shreyashree Satyen

    NSTSE Pune Rank 1
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaigyanik Competition
  • Shivam Utreja

    KVPY Fellow 2014 AIR 322
    NTSE Scholar 2013
  • Vishakha Korde

    Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaigyanik Competition SILVER Medal
  • Prasad Jain

    BITS Hyderabad - Civil
  • Rohit Shekhar

    BITS Goa
  • Swaraj Patil

    BITS Hyderabad - Civil


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  • In FIITJEE, one is kept focused on one’s goal and simultaneously groomed to get holistic development, enhancing p...

    Sujay Vijay Jadhav

  • According to my opinion FIITJEE is the best institute in Pune for preparation of JEE. The faculty here is simply aw...

    Tejeshwar Thorawade

  • The teachers at FIITJEE Pune are among the best. They teach every concept in such details that there is no scope fo...

    Kapil Ahuja

  • The in depth solution, beautifully designed questions and the true “exam feeling” given by the test conducted b...

    Kalpesh Krishna

  • At FIITJEE Pune Centre, faculties are very encouraging and always come up with helping hands. They teach us how to ...

    Mahen Kinnur

  • It is a wonderful experience in FIITJEE Pune. The faculty is very good. The wonderful thing I admire is that the FI...

    Mother of D N Srihari

  • I have had a wonderful journey in the two years in FIITJEE Pune. All my teachers are not only good at teaching, bu...

    Shrutakirti Deshpande

  • FIITJEE is an Amazing platform for students like us trying to achieve the best in the field of engineering. I belie...

    Tripti Chanda

  • FIITJEE is an Amazing platform for students like us trying to achieve the best in the field of engineering. I belie...


  • FIITJEE is the ultimate destination for compete preparation of IITJEE as well as all other competitive exam. It pro...

    Avinash Singh

  • The faculty at FIITJEE Pune is top-notch and makes strained efforts in making council clear. The face that a single...

    Dhruv Ilesh Shah

  • FIITJEE Pune Centre has been really good as they have groomed me to utilise my brains to the maximum level. Our hig...

    Aakash Hulgol

  • FIITJEE is one of the top institutes for coaching for IITJEE in Pune. The environment created in the centre is one ...

    Nikhil Khedekar

  • I am lucky enough to have such qualified and excellent faculties teaching me over the course of a year and a half, ...

    Adwait Avadhane

  • Experience here has been quite good The faculty is well – trained and experienced Their teaching methods are bril...

    Sajal Narang

  • FIITJEE has helped me immensely in honing my stills on all fronts life logic, problem solving & development of temp...

    Shivam Utreja

  • I’ve been a student of FIITEE since 8th std. and I am proud to say I’ll remain a FIITJEEian at heart till my la...

    Mosom Jana

  • I have gained a lot from here within such a small span of time. FIITJEE Faculty gives emphasis on concept developme...

    Shaswat Yashwardhan

  • FIITJEE Pune is a really very good coaching Institute and has proved as a boom for me. The TEACHING METHOD of all t...

    Abhishek Mhatre

  • The teaching pattern at FIITJEE is very “student friendly”. Here a teacher teaches us a topic, clears all our d...

    Anish Hemanshu Patel

  • FIITJEE has been helping me improve my problem solving ability and the teachers always encourage students to do the...

    Amit Jaykar

  • The teaching at FIITJEE Pune centre is the best I have ever seen. The teachers have kept me motivated during the wo...

    Shubhanshu Katiyar

  • FIITJEE पुणे केंद्र IITJEE ची तयारी सर्वोत्तम तांत्...

    Father of Saurabh Jain (Pinnacle Student)

  • FIITJEE पुणे येथे, तज्ञ केवळ भौतिकशास्त्र, रसायन...

    Gayatri Rajmane

  • FIITJEE is known for taking excellent tests, especially AITS. I think FIITJEE provides an IIT aspirants all that he...

    Karan Sanjay Mantri

  • After joining FIITJEE, I observed that Ashlesha gained a lot of confidence. I think it was quite impossible without...

    Mother of Ashlesha Patil (Intensive Contact Program)

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